September 01
2022 edition: fashioning our memories

The film program of Queer Lisboa 26 once again reflects on a number of seminal issues regarding memory, both individual and collective. Denying memory is dishonoring and not acknowledging those who allowed us to be where we stand today. History doesn’t cease to teach us that negationist attitudes are a dangerous exercise that may lead to extreme consequences. Denying memory and our ancestors just because they didn’t follow concepts that we embrace today regarding sex, gender, sexuality, identity, or community, is just simply irrational. And this a speech that more than often comes from a place of privilege. A privilege falsely disguised as marginal or subversive.


“Queer”, being a concept that seems to never be fully present, somewhat lacking, is because it is nurtured by the past and its many constructs, and because it is always a simulacrum of the future, on which we project a utopian longing. It is a promise towards which we much work together. And this is impossible to achieve without memory – or without empathy. A gesture of memory and celebration, Queer Lisboa’s program evokes and “makes up” necessary pasts, reflects upon and problematizes our present, and projects us upon the future.      


Queer Lisboa 26 will screen a total of 87 films from 27 different countries.
Below, the complete list of films and activities programmed:


Fogo-Fátuo / Will-o’-the-Wisp, João Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal, 2022, 67’)


Esther Newton Made Me Gay, Jean Carlomusto (USA, 2022, 92’)


Los Agitadores / Horseplay, Marco Berger (Argentina, 2022, 102’)


Errante Corazón / Wandering Heart, Leonardo Brzezicki (Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Netherlands, 2021, 112’)
Girl Picture / Tytöt tytöt tytöt, Alli Haapasalo (Finland, 2022, 100’)
Joyland, Saim Sadiq (Pakistan, 2022, 126’)
Les meilleurs / Besties, Marion Desseigne Ravel (France, 2021, 80’)
Mi Vacío y Yo / My Emptiness and I, Adrián Silvestre (Spain, 2022, 98’)
Seguindo Todos os Protocolos / Follow the Protocol, Fábio Leal (Brazil, 2021, 75’)
Três Tigres Tristes / Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter, Gustavo Vinagre (Brazil, 2022, 86’)
Wet Sand, Elene Naveriani (Switzerland, Georgia, 2021, 115’)


Ardente·x·s / Fierce: a Porn Revolution, Patrick Muroni (Switzerland, 2022, 96’)
C'è un Soffio di Vita Soltanto / A Breath of Life, Matteo Butrugno, Daniele Coluccini (Italy, Germany, 2021, 93’)
Corpolítica / Political Bodies, Pedro Henrique França (Brazil, 2022, 103’)
Framing Agnes, Chase Joynt (Canada, USA, 2022, 75’)
Jimmy in Saigon, Peter McDowell (USA, 2022, 89’)
Magaluf Ghost Town, Miguel Ángel Blanca (Spain, 2021, 93’) 

Nuestros Cuerpos Son Sus Campos de Batalla / Our Bodies Are Your Battlefields, Isabelle Solas (Argentina, France, 2022, 101’)
Soy Niño, Lorena Zilleruelo (Chile, France, 2022, 62’)

a body is a body is a body, Cat McClay, Éiméar McClay (UK, 2021, 12’)
La belle et la bête / Beauty and the Beast, Mathieu Morel (France, 2021, 13’)
Billy Boy, Sacha Amaral (Argentina, 2021, 25’)
Colmeia / Beehive, Maurício Chades (Brazil, 2021, 15’)
Dans le silence d’une mer abyssale / In the Silence of an Abyssal Sea, Juliette Klinke (Belgium, 2021, 19’)
Des jeunes filles enterrent leur vie / Burial of Life as a Young Girl, Maïté Sonnet (France, 2022, 33’)
Dihya, Lucia Martínez Garcia (Switzerland, 2021, 10’)
Insieme Insieme, Bernardo Zanotta (France, Netherlands, 2022, 37’)
Isn't It a Beautiful World, Joseph Wilson (UK, 2021, 13’)
Let My Body Speak, Madonna Adib (UK, Lebanon, 2020, 10’)
Letters from St. Petersburg, Lotte Nielsen (Denmark, 2021, 17’)
Mars exalté / Exalted Mars, Jean-Sébastien Chauvin (France, 2022, 18’)
Ob Scena / Ob Scene, Paloma Orlandini Castro (Argentina, USA, 2021, 18’)
On Xerxes’ Throne, Evi Kalogiropoulou (Greece, 2022, 16’)
The Pass, Pepi Ginsberg (USA, 2022, 15’)
The Perpetrators, Richard Squires (UK, 2022, 14’)
São Paulo Ferida Aberta / São Paulo Open Wound, Elizabeth Rocha Salgado (Brazil, Netherlands, 2021, 18’)
Silent Heat, Luciënne Venner (Netherlands, 2021, 19’)
Sob Influência / Under the Influence, Ricardo Branco (Portugal, 2022, 20’)
Uma Paciência Selvagem Me Trouxe até Aqui / A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here, Érica Sarmet (Brazil, 2021, 26’)
Uma Rapariga Imaterial / Immaterial Girl, André Godinho (Portugal, 2022, 42’)
Yon / Call Me Jonathan, Bárbara Lago (Argentina, 2021, 8’)



Ceux que l'on choisit / The Ones We Choose, Elora Bertrand (France, 2022, 29’) 

Ceux qui désirent se connaître / Those Who Care to Know each Other, Korlei Rochat, Léonard Vuilleumier (Switzerland, 2020, 18’)

Chute / Strangers, Nora Longatti (Switzerland, 2021, 21’) 

Escames / Shedding Skin, Katherina Harder Sacre (Spain, 2020, 17’) 

Gangnam Beauty, Yan Tomaszewski (France, South Korea, 2020, 23’) 

The Greatest Sin, Gabriel B. Arrahnio (Germany, 2021, 25’) 

Lugar Nenhum / Nowhere, Pedro Gonçalves Ribeiro (Portugal, 2021, 19’) 

Nina et les robots / Nina and the Robots, Cindy Coutant (France, 2020, 19’) 

Sad Cowboy Platonic Love, Ciel Sourdeau (Switzerland, 2021, 17’) 

Swimming Lesson / Schwimmstunde, Lisa Hürtgen (Germany, 2021, 10’) 

Le Variabili Dipendenti / The Dependent Variables, Lorenzo Tardella (Italy, 2022, 16’) 

Yến, Julia Diệp My Feige (Germany, Vietnam, 2021, 15’)

First Time (the Time for All but Sunset - Violet), Nicolaas Schmidt (Germany, 2021, 50’)

Jerk, Gisèle Vienne (France, 2021, 60’)
Neptune Frost, Anisia Uzeyman, Saul Williams (USA, Ruanda, 2021, 105’)
Queens of the Qing Dynasty, Ashley Mckenzie (Canada, 2022, 122’)
Travesía Travesti / Travesti Odyssey, Nicolás Videla (Chile, Argentina, 2021, 96’)
Ultraviolette et le gang des cracheuses de sang / Ultraviolette and the Blood-Spitters Gang, Robin Hunzinger (France, Switzerland, 2021, 74’)
Une dernière fois / One Last Time, Olympe de G. (France, 2020, 70’)
Você Nos Queima / You Burn Us, Caetano Gotardo (Brazil, 2021, 73’)

Bambi, a French Woman, Sébastien Lifshitz (France, 2022, 83’)
Black as U R, Micheal Rice (USA, 2022, 87’)
BR Trans, Raphael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa (Brazil, 2021, 77’)
La fracture / The Divide, Catherine Corsini (France, 2021, 98’)
Hideous, Yann Gonzalez (UK, 2022, 22’)
Loving Highsmith, Eva Vitija (Switzerland, Germany, 2022, 83’)
Manscaping, Broderick Fox (USA, Australia, Canada, 2022, 62’)

Panteras / Angels, Breno Baptista (Brazil, 2022, 38’)
Viens je t'emmène / Nobody's Hero, Alain Guiraudie (France, 2022, 100’)

HARD NIGHTS - Fred Halsted
LA Plays Itself, Fred Halsted (USA, 1972, 55’)
The Sex Garage, Fred Halsted (USA, 1972, 35’)
Sextool, Fred Halsted (USA, 1975, 61’)

HARD NIGHTS - Mahx Capacity
Another Beautiful Creature, Mahx Capacity (USA, 2021, 15’)
Hole Theory, Mahx Capacity (USA, 2022, 12’)
Queerantine Fantasy, Mahx Capacity (USA, 2021, 9’)
Rise & Shine, Mahx Capacity (USA, 2022, 14’)

RETROSPECTIVE: “Notes on Camp: the Gay Girls Riding Club Drag Delirium”
All about Alice, Ray Harrison (USA, 1972, 68’)
Always on Sunday, Connie B. de Mille (aka Ray Harrison) (USA, 1962, 8’)
The Roman Springs on Mrs. Stone, Connie B. de Mille (aka Ray Harrison) (USA, 1963, 19’)
The Spy on the Fly, Ray Harrison (USA, 1967, 44’)
What Really Happened to Baby Jane, Connie B. de Mille (aka Ray Harrison) (USA, 1963, 32’)

All about Eve, Joseph L. Mankiewicz  (USA, 1950, 138’)
Goin’ to Town, Alexander Hall (USA, 1935, 71’)
Never on Sunday / Pote tin Kyriaki, Jules Dassin (Greece, 1960, 91’)
Suddenly, Last Summer, Joseph L. Mankiewicz  (USA, 1959, 114’)

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Robert Aldrich (USA, 1962, 134’)



I am HIV+ and visible



“Nós xs Inadaptadxs. Representações, Desejos e Histórias LGBTIQ na Galiza” (Coord. Daniel Amarelo, Através Editora)

“A Defunción dos Sexos: Disidentes Sexuais na Galiza Contemporánea” (Daniela Ferrández Pérez, Ed. Xerais)

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