LA Plays Itself
Fred Halsted
Fiction : 55' / Gay, Explicit Content, Cruising, BDSM, Pornography

One man takes a walk and comes upon another man sunning himself in the nude. They briefly talk and end up having passionate sex in the wilderness only to be interrupted by bulldozers destroying the wildlife area in order to build a new suburb. Later, down in inner city Los Angeles, Fred Halsted and a man from Texas discuss the problems with modern society and the dishonesty of most people.


September 17 | 22h00 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 2 Buy Tickets
Hard Nights

/ Details

Year: 1972

Country: USA

Language: english

Subtitles: english

With: Jim Frost, Rick Coates, Fred Halsted, Joe Yanichek

/ Direction

Fred Halsted


Fred Halsted was an American pornographic film director, actor, escort, publisher, and sex club owner. His groundbreaking and fiercely controversial films broke new ground in the gay erotic cinema for their portrayal of sadomasochism and other forms of polymorphous perversity, sending a shockwave throughout the fledgling gay liberation movement and the art establishment alike, and leading to their eventual acquisition by the MoMA.


1988 - Breaker Blue (Feature Film)
1987 - Fast Friends (Feature Film)
1985 - Move Over Johnny, Here Comes Big Dan (Feature Film)
1982 - A Night at Halsted’s (Feature Film)
1982 - Nightwalk in Leather (Feature Film)
1980 - Pieces of Eight (Feature Film)
1975 - Sextool (Feature Film)
1973 - Truck It (Short Film)
1972 - LA Plays Itself (Feature Film)
1972 - The Sex Garage (Short Film)


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