Hole Theory
Mahx Capacity
Docu-fiction : 12' / Explicit Content, BDSM, Pornography

A visceral meditation on the gloriousness of holes. “Holes are the original time travel. You come out more yourself than you were when you entered: rearranged, holy, new. Holes make you whole”. Trust us. We know holes.


September 23 | 22h00 | Cinema São Jorge - Sala 2 Buy Tickets
Hard Nights

/ Details

Year: 2022

Country: USA

Language: english

Subtitles: english

With: Corey More, Ashley Paige

/ Direction

Mahx Capacity


Creative director of award-winning queer porn studio AORTA films, Mahx Capacity is a gender fluid, non-binary, white, fat director and performer. Hailing from a background in experimental performance, they are interested in wielding queer porn as a tool for destabilizing pleasure, fierce vulnerability and complex humanity.


Photo: Maria Baranova


2022 - Hole Theory (Short Docu-fiction)
2022 - Rise & Shine (Docu-fiction)
2021 - Queerantine Fantasy (Short Animation)
2021 - Another Beautiful Creature (Short Documentary)
2019 - (W/Hole) (Documentary)
2018 - Full (Short Film)

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