Goin’ to Town
Alexander Hall
Fiction : 71' / Classic, Camp, Comedy

Bawdy saloon singer Cleo Borden contracts to marry a cattle rustler if he deeds her his oil-rich land. When he is suddenly killed, Cleo inherits his oilfields and fortune. But no amount of wealth can help her win the affections of gentlemanly land surveyor Edward Carrington. When he travels to Buenos Aires for race season, Cleo follows. She manages to increase her fortune when a horse she owns wins a race but remains shut out of Carrington’s world of moneyed aristocracy. She enters a marriage of convenience with the bankrupt son of a Lady. Her mother-in-law is determined to wreck the marriage and joins forces with a Russian gigolo to try to ruin Cleo’s reputation ... “I’m a good woman for a bad man.” Cleo’s rise in the social ranks is represented by her transformation from saloon to opera singer, as she strives to impress high society. An aria from Samson and Delilah is the perfect choice, showing off Mae West’s penchant to fully inhabit characters whose aim is to send even the strongest men into a swoon. But West indicates how unimpressed she herself was with the cultural capital that Cleo amasses, as she serves up a pure camp portrayal.


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/ Details

Year: 1935

Country: USA

Language: english

Subtitles: portuguese

With: Mae West, Paul Cavanagh, Gilbert Emery, Marjorie Gateson, Tito Coral, Ivan Lebedeff, Fred Kohler, Monroe Owsley, Grant Withers, Vladimar Bykoff

/ Direction

Alexander Hall


Alexander Hall (1894, Boston — 1968, San Francisco), was an American director whose wide-ranging films notably included Little Miss Marker (1934) and Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941). Originally an actor, Hall began performing on stage at the age of four, and in 1914 he appeared in the first of several silent films. In the 1920s he worked as an assistant director and an editor, and he also made several short films. In 1932 he made his feature-film directorial debut with Sinners in the Sun, a thriller for Paramount that starred Carole Lombard.




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1935 – Goin’ to Town (Feature Film)

1934 – Little Mis Marker (Feature Film)
1933 – Torch Singer (Feature Film)

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