A Prince
Pierre Creton
Fiction : 82' / Elder, Fetish, Gay, Mistery

Pierre-Joseph goes to an apprenticeship college to train as a gardener. There he meets a series of characters - Françoise Brown, the principal, Alberto, his botany teacher, and Adrien, his employer - who will prove decisive in his apprenticeship story and in unleashing his sexuality. Forty years later Kutta appears, Françoise Brown’s adoptive child whom he has heard so much about but never met. But Kutta, who is now the owner of a strange château, seems to be looking for more than just a gardener.


October 14 | 19h15 | Batalha Centro de Cinema - Sala 1 Buy Tickets
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/ Details

Year: 2023

Country: France

Language: french

Subtitles: english

With: Antoine Pirotte, Pierre Creton, Mathieu Amalric (voice over), Françoise Lebrun (voice over), Pierre Barray, Chiman Dangi

/ Direction

Pierre Creton


Pierre Creton (Seine-Maritime, 1966) is an artist and filmmaker. He was a student at the École des Beaux-Arts in Le Havre. In 1991 he became a farm worker, which led him to make films about the master/slave dynamic and the relationship between humans and animals. He lives and works in Normandy.




2023 - Un prince (Feature Film)

2021 - House of Love (Short Film)

2019 - Le bel été (Feature Film)

2019 - L'avenir le dira (Short Film)

2017 - Va, Toto! (Feature Film)

2009 - Maniquerville (Feature Film)

2008 - L'heure du Berger (Short Film)

2006 - Paysage imposé (Feature Film)

2005 - Le voyage à Vezelay (Short Film)

2004 - Secteur 545 (Feature Film)

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